The Vincent Dee

At the January General Meeting held at the Montrose Bay Yacht Club Gary Roberts gave a presentation about building his model boat the “Vincent Dee”. The “Vincent Dee” is a Clyde Steam Puffer. Gary is a member of the Marine Modellers Association - Tasmania came into being around 1969-70 and was started by three model boating enthusiasts employed by the then Postmaster Generals Department (PMG). The three enthusiasts were the late Bruce Webb, Arthur Roberts (still an active member) and the late Bob McCallum. Many in this association assisted and inspired Gary to build the Vincent Dee.

By the end of his presentation Gary had members bombarding him with questions about how he made the small fittings and rigging on the Puffer. Many were made by utilising spent amo shells and simply using card board sealed with varnish and paint. Also the installed engine attracted a lot of questions.

You can see more about them at

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Building the Vincent Dee

You can view Gary's presentation at this link.

Building the Vincent Dee

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  1. Well done Gary on an informative presentation. Most enjoyable.

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