Members attending WBGT activities, including meetings and workshops, are to follow all current Tasmanian State Public Health COVID-19 requirements.

All officers and members of the WBGT are strongly encouraged to have completed a full COVID-19 vaccination regime, that is the appropriate vaccinations and any boosters when due. Alternatively, they may have a current approved exemption, based on their particular health circumstances.

In the event of Officers and members having cold and/or flu like symptoms, or having been a close contact, they should not attend Guild activities, meetings or workshops and are strongly encouraged to submit to COVID-19 testing as approved currently by Tasmanian State Public Health COVID-19 requirements. Guild members are required to be fully vaccinated or formally exempted when they attend Guild events.

Officers and members who fail to comply with the above may be asked to not attend or leave WBGT meetings, activities, workshops, or other events. This is in the interest of the health and safety of members who comply with Tasmanian State Public Health COVID-19 requirements and this policy.

The Tasmanian Public Health COVID-19 requirements are available here or ring Tasmanian Public Health Hotline: 1800 671 738