What we offer

We offer our members:

  • The Skeg: our newsletter, published every second month, recording the events, activities and opinions of Guild members and articles on or related to wooden boats.
  • The Rudder: Journal papers published from time to time within the Skeg.
  • The Semaphore: Published as required to announce forth coming events for Guild members.
  • Monthly meetings with guest speakers. The monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the Month (except December), commencing at 7.30pm. Depending on the time of year the monthly meeting may be preceded by a BBQ or an indoor shared food meal (BYO). Our usual venue is the 10th Hobart Scout Hall in Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay.
  • Monthly rowing days. Rowing days are organised at varying locations and mostly involve a picnic or BBQ. Rowing days may also involve sailing, big boat weekends or visits to wooden boats under construction and weekend visits to places further afield. The Guild encourages the use of member’s own boats as well as Guild boats.
  • Use of the Guild's boats, the Terra Linna, Tee Poo Kana and Damar.
  • Opportunity to be involved in new construction, restoration and model building. The Guild has several dinghies awaiting restoration.
  • Access to the Guild's extensive library of boatbuilding, other nautical books and extensive collection of boating magazines.
  • Members are encouraged to join the Guild’s governance arrangements including the Committee, sub committees and to organise events as trip leaders.
  • The annual membership fee to the Guild includes family members, spouse, partner and dependent children. Family members are encouraged to attend Guild meetings and participate in Guild events.
  • The Guild carries the interest in wooden boats between the biennial Australian Wooden Boat Festival and biennial Kettering Wooden Boat Rally (held in February in the off-year of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival).
  • Use of the Cottages as a meeting space for individuals and other like-minded organisations.
  • Companionship with sister wooden boat associations in other states.