Project Category: History

Terra Linna history

Terra Linna, the oldest surviving yacht built in Tasmania, was built at Sandy Bay in 1880-81 by her first owners George Luckman and Harrington Wedge Knight as a racing yacht for Hobart’s 28-foot waterline class. Terra Linna was constructed of Huon pine, copper fastened, batten-seam carvel built with two clinker top planks. She has a…
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Piners’ Punts

Huon Pine is a special and fast-disappearing Tasmanian timber. Piners' punts are a unique and fast-disappearing Tasmanian style of small working boat, built to be hauled up and rowed down some of Tasmania's wild rivers gathering the Huon Pine. Timber-cutters working in the river systems of southern and western Tasmania used “piners’ punts” to move…
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