The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania Inc is a Tasmanian Incorporated Association, registration number TAS 03090C and ABN number 86 565 998 371. It operates under formal Articles of Association and is administered by a Committee.

Office-bearers and Committee for 2023-2024:

President Peter Higgs
Sen.Vice President David Edwards
Vice President David Kesson
Secretary Graeme Broxam
Treasurer Rob Nolan (acting)
Public Officer Richard Catt
Committee Mat Conboy, Jo Dixon, Graeme Hunt, Michael Vaughan
Facilities Officer Graeme Hunt
Flag Officers Peter Higgs & Brian Marriott
Fleet Bosun TBA
Mess Officer Anita McGill
Terra Linna
Project Managers
Peter Higgs
& Graeme Hunt

Previous Officeholders

YearPresidentSnr Vice-presidentVice-presidentSecretaryTreasurerPublic OfficerCommittee
2023-2024Peter HiggsDavid EdwardsDavid KessonGraeme BroxamRob Nolan (actg)Richard CattMat ConboyJo Dixon (to Feb 2023)Graeme HuntMichael Vaughan
2022-2023Peter HiggsDavid EdwardsDavid KessonGraeme BroxamRob NolanRichard CattMat ConboyGraeme HuntHolly Puckering (until Mar 2023)Jo Dixon (from Apr 2023)
2021-2022Peter HiggsGraeme HuntDavid EdwardsGraeme BroxamRob NolanBrian MarriottBernard CheneryDavid KessonJohn ParkerJulie Porter
2020-2021Julie PorterPeter HiggsGraeme HuntDavid EdwardsRob NolanBrian MarriottGraeme BroxamBernard CheneryPeter DempseyWayne Turner
2019-2020Julie PorterPeter HiggsGraeme HuntDavid EdwardsGraeme BroxamBrian MarriottBernard CheneryPeter DempseyRob NolanWayne Turner
2018-2019Rob NolanJulie PorterGraeme Hunt(vacant)Graeme BroxamPeter HiggsBernard CheneryDavid EdwardsAndrew PerkinsRob Virtue
2017-2018Rob NolanRob VirtueJulie PorterGraeme HuntGraeme BroxamPeter HiggsBernard CheneryPeter HiggsAndrew PerkinsWayne Turner
2016-2017Rob NolanGraeme HuntRob VirtueGraeme BroxamHugo LiuPeter HiggsStephen ConwayGraeme NicholsAndrew PerkinsJulie Porter
2015-2016Stephen ConwayGraeme HuntRob NolanGraeme BroxamHugo LiuPeter HiggsRoss BarnettPeter HiggsGraeme NicholsRob Virtue
2014-2015Stephen ConwayGraeme HuntRoss BarnettGraeme BroxamHugo LiuPeter HiggsPeter HiggsRob NolanAinesley SmithRob Virtue
2013-2014Brian MarriottGraeme HuntRoss Barnett(vacant)David MortonPeter HiggsGraeme BroxamStephen ConwayPeter HiggsAinesley SmithRob Virtue
2012-2013Ross BarnettGraeme HuntBrian MarriottGraeme NicholsDavid Morton(secretary)Peter HiggsDavid LongRobin SingletonAinesley Smith
2011-2012Graeme HuntJim TaytonDavid MortonRoss BarnettDavid Barnes(secretary)Brian MarriottDavid GatenbyNoel HallPeter Higgs
2010-2011Graeme HuntBrian MarriottJim TaytonRoss BarnettDavid Barnes(secretary)David GatenbyNoel HallPeter HiggsDavid Morton
2009-2010Graeme HuntBrian MarriottJim TaytonRoss BarnettDavid Barnes(secretary)David GatenbyNoel HallPeter Higgs
2008-2009Ross BarnettGraeme HuntDavid BarnesPeter HiggsBrian Marriott(secretary)David GatenbyNoel HallJim Tayton
2007-2008Ross BarnettGraeme HuntDavid BarnesPeter HiggsBrian Marriott(secretary)David GatenbyNoel HallJim Tayton
2006-2007Ross BarnettRobin SingletonGraeme HuntPeter HiggsBrian Marriott(secretary)David BarnesDavid GatenbyJim Tayton
2005-2006Peter HiggsMillard ZieglerRobin SingletonMillard ZieglerGraeme Hunt(secretary)Ross BarnettNoel Hall
2004-2005Peter HiggsMillard ZieglerRobin SingletonDavid MurphyGraeme Hunt(secretary)Ross BarnettAndy GamlinNoel HallChris Morton
2003-2004Peter HiggsMillard ZieglerRobin SingletonDavid MurphyGraeme Hunt(secretary)Andy GamlinNoel Hall
2002-2003Ainesley SmithPeter HiggsJohn BishopGraeme DudgeonGraeme Hunt(secretary)Andy GamlinDavid MurphyRobin Singleton
2001-2002Ainesley SmithGraeme HuntMillard ZieglerLance BurnsAinesley Smith(secretary)Peter HiggsDavid Murphy
2000-2001Ainesley SmithAndy GamlinGraeme HuntLance BurnsAinesley Smith(secretary)John BishopDavid MurphyMillard Ziegler
1999-2000Andy GamlinAinesley SmithLance BurnsAinesley Smith(secretary)John BishopGraeme HuntDavid MurphyMillard Ziegler
1998-99Bill FosterAinesley SmithGraeme DudgeonAinesley Smith(secretary)Ian JohnstonMillard Ziegler
1997-98Bill FosterAinesley SmithBruce AndrewGraeme DudgeonWendy Andrew(secretary)Ian JohnstonMillard Ziegler
1995-96Ian JohnstoneBill FosterAndy GamlinRoss BerkmanBruce Andrew(secretary)
1994-95Ian JohnstoneBill FosterAndy GamlinRoss BerkmanCathy Hawkins(secretary)