KWBR 2022 Sailing Instructions

Friday 11, Saturday 12 February and Sunday 13 February 2022

Sailing Instructions for keel boats

Friday the 11th:

KYC will host an "all-comers" twilight race off Little Oyster Cove. 6pm is the first start, so you and your boat should aim to be out on the water around 5.30pm.

** if you have previously been assigned a handicap, please email this to asap, as it will assist Greg to start the fleet as correctly as possible. If you know your boat is usually div 2, for eg. best start with div 2. The start sequence is Div 1 at 6pm, with Div 2 at 6.05pm and Div 3 at 6.10pm. Instructions on VHF 73.

The race is followed by a get together and a sausage sizzle back at the KYC clubrooms.

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th:

Both of these will be pursuit style races - that is, each boat will be given a start time related to its estimated speed. The fastest boat will be the last to start. The winner will be the first boat to finish and will have overtaken all other boats that started before it.

Handicaps will be honed from information previously provided and Friday evening's race results. Please assist us with any information you have about your boat's handicap etc.

Both races will start at 2pm (so again, aim to be on the water half an hour beforehand), with five minute intervals separating the slowest (1st to start) and the fastest (last to start), with a race duration of approximately 2 hours.

Festivities will get underway back at the KYC, with the bar and food vans open from from 5pm.

**Please support the food vans! They've generously agreed to cater for the KWBR on what is a very busy weekend in Hobart!

**The Norglass KWBR 2022 award presentations will be on the Sunday evening, kicking off between 6.30-7.30pm.
Fantastic prizes to be had! Grab a drink and some great Vietnamese food and BE THERE!

Further Sailing instructions.

  • The sailing events will be held as “non-spinnaker events”.
  • There will be two events for sailing yachts, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  • The overall winners of the rally will be determined from the combination of results from both days.
  • Both the events will be of the pursuit style. That is, each boat will be given a start time related to its estimated speed. The fastest boat will be the last to start. The winner will be the first boat to finish and will have overtaken all other boats that started before it.

Sailing Rules

  • Special rally rule “be kind to each other”.
  • Races will be sailed under the “racing rules of sailing”.
  • Please note that the Bruny Island Ferry has right of way over all yachts. Ie. Don't get in their way!
  • The sailing events at the Rally will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Federation, and the Prescriptions and Special Regulations (SR) of Australian Sailing (AS).


  • Communication between KWBR boats and the Committee Boat and will be via VHF Channel 73.


  • All those taking part in these events do so at their own risk and responsibility. The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania and/or The Kettering Yacht Club are not responsible for the seaworthiness of a Yacht whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment.
  • The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania and/or The Kettering Yacht Club are not responsible for any damage or injury, either on shore or at sea, either to persons or yachts, which might result from competing in these events.
  • Attention is drawn to Fundamental Rule 4 that states – The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.

Safety Regulations

  • The attention of all persons taking part in the Rally is drawn to the requirement to be aware of the application of the Marine Safety (Misuse of Alcohol) Act 2006.
  • The Principal Race Officer may postpone or cancel the events if the weather conditions are unsuitable.

Starting Procedure

  • The starting line will be laid in the general area off Kettering described as area E in the list of courses and enclosed chart.
  • The start line will be between the Committee Boat and a black buoy. This buoy is known as mark E in the list of courses.
  • The direction of the start will be through the start line towards the first named mark.
  • The committee boat will be the K.P. Madden (the KYC Committee Boat).
  • Yachts will start at 5-minute intervals.
  • Each start time interval will be indicated by a flag on the committee boat. The start time will be indicated by a sound signal and the dropping of the appropriate flag.
  • Engines can be used up to the start of a boat's 5 minute start time interval.
  • The first group of boats to start will receive the conventional start procedure of 5, 4 and 1 minute warning signals by sound.

Start Times

  • The first boats will start at 2.00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • The remainder of the fleet will start at 5 minute intervals.
  • The course will be designed to allow all boats to finish by 4.30 pm with a cut off time of 5.00 pm.

Finishing procedure

  • The finishing line will be in the vicinity of the start line and will be crossed in the direction from the last mark.
  • It may be necessary to shorten the course after the start. Yachts should keep a listening watch on VHF channel 73.
  • Any yacht must report the circumstances of its retirement as soon as practicable to the Principal Race Officer on VHF Channel 73 or by approaching the committee boat.

Sailing courses

  • Sailing courses will be indicated by the appropriate code flag on the committee boat and where possible via radio.
  • If the course requires more than one lap then the appropriate code flag will show the number of laps.
  • The sailing courses for the morning and afternoon races will be selected from one of the standard Kettering Yacht Club sailing courses using where possible the KYC permanent turning marks.
CodeCourseMarks to
BStart – A – B – E – A – FinishStarboard
CStart – B – A – E – B – FinishPort
DStart – A – B – A – B – FinishStarboard
EStart – C – D – E – C – FinishStarboard
FStart – A – B – E – B – FinishStarboard
GStart – C – D – C – D – FinishStarboard
HStart – B – A – B – A – FinishPort
JStart – D – C – E – C – FinishPort
KTwilight Race -Windward & ReturnTBA
QStart – A – C – D – FinishStarboard
RStart – A – D – C - FinishPort
TTwilight Race - TriangleTBA
VStart – A – B – C – D – FinishStarboard
WStart – D – C – B – A – FinishPort

Marks Location

  • The location of the turning marks are shown in the following chart.
  • If courses are more than one lap, then yachts shall round Mark E to complete each lap.
  • Marks A, B, C and D are brightly coloured permanent marks. Mark E is both one end of the starting/finish line and a turning mark. Mark E is not the committee boat.
A0.25 M Southwest of Simmonds Point
B0.30 M Southeast of Speculator Point
C0.30 M North of Kinghorne Point
D0.25 M South of Helliwells Point