Monthly Archives: September 2017

In the wake of the May Queen.

Members are urged to see this incredible account of  the May Queen to celebrate her 150th year on our waters. Guild members Bill Foster, Adrian Dean, John Wedd, Charles Burns and Julie Porter  together with their tall ship Rhona H all feature in the movie. Local ABC announcer Chris Wisbey does an incredible task by…
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A day at Port Cygnet

Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania Rowing/visit day Sunday 24 September 2017. Roscoe Barnett emailed to suggest that since the Maori Lass was in the Gardeners Bay Boat Shed fronting Port Cygnet, having work done the Guild might like to make a visit. As it turned out the Gardeners Bay Boat Shed is the former Wilson…
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Steam Engine ancillaries

Cartela Restoration With a massive engine room to populate, SteamShip Cartela Trust are looking for all the items that would normally be found in a working steam ship engine room.  From pressure gauges and bronze oilers, telegraph gear, bronze stop cocks and gate valves and early electrical devices (even if suitable just for show.) As…
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