Using Photogrammetry for the production of Boat Lines

Recently the Maritime Museum of Tasmania implemented a project to explore the potential of using Photogrammetry for the recording of boat lines. previously under the guidance of Peta Knott MMT did similar using the Laser Total Station method to capture the 3D features of boats. Although Successful it was an expensive project.

Since then the Wooden Boat Centre, in Seattle USA, have used Photogrammetry to assist with their work to capture the history and lines of craft that have significance. The MMT project is in its early stages but seems to show potential on a small budget.

As a result and to try and gauge members interest in this methodology I made a presentation about the project to members of the Wooden Boat Guild Inc. I include the presentation and a report of the Wooden Boat Centre's project.

lg-45-13-0125-13finalreport Wooden Boat Centre

An Overview of Photogrammetry for boat line development

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