Proportional Division to measure plank width at each Station by Adrian Dean.

Rudder article on the topic of Prop Division


HP Slabs cut into 185mm planks

Adrian runs through the prep planing of the garboard

The port garboard fitted to rebate check

Adrian sets out the verticals for the 6 equal width planks

Adrian instructing members of his Proportional Division method

Measuring the girth of the station with a batten.

Adrian and Graeme striking the oblique line on the plank/cover table

Proportional Division table on lofting board

the garboard lofted onto Station 2

measuring the girth of a station using a batten

Adrian demonstrates the making of the plank lap

Planks being lofted onto a station

Dividers and plank lap template

Measuring the girth of a station with a batten

Adrian using dividers to set out each plank.

Adrian using dividers to loft plank onto a station

Marking the oblique line on the plank/cover table

John setting out a plank on a station while Adrian watches on.

The Snub lofted with garboard and 6 planks

Station 2 with all planks lofted

Station 1 with all planks lofted

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