For Sale competitive Sabre racing yacht named Trouble.

Contact Henry Dennison on 0455185195 or Trouble

A competitive Sabre named Trouble class with a full suit of sails, rigging & ali Trolley $2300.00.

Sabre racing yacht named Trouble

Trouble on its aluminium trolley


The Sabre; see of Australia’s most popular single handed racing dinghies. At 3.7m in length, the Sabre is similar in length to the popular Laser class, although has a little less sail area. It is amazingly light-weight, with a minimum hull weight of just 41kg. The boat is easily launched single-handedly, with most boats using a beach trolley for easy storage, rigging and launching. The boats are easy to sail, and can offer lively performance in planing conditions. They are also a comfortable boat to sail, with their deep cockpits and rounded side tanks. – this is a boat you sit in, not on.

This Sabre is built as a plywood, racing sail boat. It is a ‘one-design’ class, with a series of measurement rules that ensure that one Sabre is the same as all the rest. The Sabres are an Australian class, and over 2200  have been built so far.

Who can sail a Sabre ?

You will struggle to find a boat that can be competitively sailed by a more diverse range of people. In fact, Sabres are sailed by people from 14 to 80 in age; and in weights from 45 to 95kg. And don’t forget – you don’t need a crew – so you won’t be left on the beach when your crew can’t sail.

Unlike the Laser class, the Sabre is not an Olympic class, and the less serious nature of the racing and the sailors reflects this. The Sabre class and its friendly culture therefore appeals to the 99% of sailors who aren’t aspiring to the Olympics! Nevertheless it has helped to develop sailors who have successfully competed in national and world championships in other classes.

The Sabre with its hard chines was designed for Port Phillip Bay (and its signature ‘chop’), and this makes for greater stability and a boat that rides waves and responds well. It does not require as much crew weight, strength or stamina as the Laser. Additionally, Sabre sailors are not as prone to lower back problems due to more upright position when hiking.


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