Little Green Dinghy

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Year launched
Where launched
Normal location
Construction materials
huon pine and other timbers
Construction type
batten seam carvel planking
Hull form
single hard chine open dinghy
oars, evidence of inboard motor and later outboard motor
Motor type
Motor power
Rig type
Previous owner(s)
Past history as known to Graeme Hunt Hello Rob 26/4/2020 At some point in the distant past I did write about the green dinghy for the Guild and I think it got into the Skeg. I have searched my word files without success and do not have access to the Skeg archive although it occurs to me now it may be accessible through the web site. HOWEVER I do still have my source material written on the back of Australian Building Codes Board and Building Regulations Advisory Committee papers! They were rediscovered in Covid 19 2020 Tidy Up! Not appropriately filed but nevertheless kept. (I have a bit of a problem!) Happily much has gone to recycling the oldest being Grade 9 Physics and Chemistry class notebooks. There is a problem with living in the same house since 1977. I think we were put onto this dinghy by Carol Tayton. As I recall Carol worked in nursing/aged care and Rosemary Hale mentioned to her about her Father’s dinghy. Carol’s name is on my notes. Rosemary Hale’s phone number was 6261 1555. (It may still be.) I rang Rosemary and she told me about the boat. It was located at Mr Hale”s home on the highway at Sorell Creek (1282?). Mr Hale had moved into Guilford Young Grove (Unit 3, 6225 4130) and his Sorell Creek property was empty and being prepared for sale by the family. The dinghy was said to be on a couple of logs. Rosemary said her father had had the boat 35-40 years and used it to row across the Derwent to work at Boyer Paper Mill for 28 ½ years. He had been retired for 20 years. It was his second boat and besides commuting to work it was used for trout fishing at the Lakes and in (possibly) the Derwent near the Lime Kilns on a Sunday morning. Rosemary said this activity was often associated with playing cards and drinking beer! On one occasion the boat was reportedly stolen in the floods and later found lying upside down in a paddock. Rosemary described the boat as Carvel/clinker with copper fixings. I met Rosemary on site and examined the green dinghy. Unfortunately it was lying on one sheer propped up against something and had developed a noticeable twist. It was of an interesting construction being single chine with bent ribs. It seemed to me to be a construction which was between clinker or carvel with ribs and the later plywood single chine dinghy. I think I took photos (which may be in the Skeg) and discussed it with the WBGT Committee who agreed we should rescue it. I think I got it on my trailer and delivered it to Roscoe’s Dinghy Farm at Tinderbox. It remained there until the Guild obtained a site at Prince of Wales Bay where it was stored in a dinghy rack under a tarp along with the Piners Punt that was later restored as Gordon. Rob Nolan commenced some deconstruction at that site before taking it home when we had to move from that site. He has taken on restoration at home during Covid-19 isolation in April 2020. Rob I hope this helps. I never spoke to Mr Hale I think, only Rosemary. I cannot date this although it was certainly post BRAC 26 which would be findable. It may also be in the Skeg article. Further, Rosemary may be still at that phone number…you never know. Best of luck with the restoration. Regards Graeme R Hunt

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