Piners’ Punt Gordon

Piners' Punt Gordon

Gordon was a donation to the Wooden Boat Guild from Launceston in February, 2010. The measurements are: Length: 15'1" (4.6m) Beam: 4'9" (1.44m). The punt had been in Laurie Harris’ ownership for about 30 years and is believed to have been built in the 1920 or 1930s.

Its history is sparse, although it is believed to have been used to transport Forestry Tasmania staff (with outboard) on the Gordon River. It is also believed the punt was salvaged as a wreck from the Gordon River.

Gordon on trailer after bringing her to Hobart from Launceston

The punt is in poor repair and is in need of restoration. Gordon has had its lines taken electronically and by hand measurement in conjunction with the Maritime Museum of Tasmania and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

The punt has been in storage and in 2017 the Guild decided that its next project would be a restoration of Gordon to working order, to join the Guild’s fleet. Work is planned for most Thursdays (although it may be less over winter) primarily using the Guild’s resources.

Gordon will be restored to good, safe working condition but not conserved as a museum piece. Old and new methods of boat restoration will be used where appropriate and possible, always endeavouring to achieve restoration with reversibility capacity. The finished boat will be painted and used. Sound material will not be removed. Any materials in the Guild’s possession will be used as a first choice.

Some examples of the state which Gordon is in:

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